The beginnings of this new vision came out of honest conversations between schools' board chairs back in the summer of 2020 -- conversations that expressed the common desire to address issues of long term sustainability of Christian education in our area.


May to October 2020 - the four Board Chairs meet regularly as first steps towards sharing common hopes and hold brainstorming meetings for future steps. 

November 2020 - Quinte Region Task Force is created, under the guidance of Ray Hendricks and Ian Timmerman of EDVANCE, and commissioned by all four school boards. An official mandate is adopted for the QRTF to fulfill.

December 2020 - all members of QRTF are recruited including Tony Jeronimus as Chair of QRTF.


January 2021QRTF officially meet for the first time.

                       - Multi School Board meeting is held to get input from all four boards in the same room.

February 2021 - Multi School Administration meeting is held, getting feedback and inspiration from school Principals.

June 2021 - the QRTF presents initial report to four school boards in writing.

August 2021 - QRTF team meets with each schools' board, administration, and finance teams to receive "warm" and "cool" feedback on submitted report. The positive response from all schools is encouraging.

September 2021 - Final Report with recommendations from QRTF given to school boards with scheduled multi-board meeting to ratify a Letter of Intent for next steps.

October 2021 - All four school boards sign given Letter of Intent and agree towards moving to a next stage of researching implementation strategies. QRTF's mandate is thus fulfilled.

November 2021 - QRTF 2.0 is initiated, creating  6 sub-committees -- teams whose mandates are to explore implementation strategies and protocols in the areas of Prayer / Communication / Human Resource / Education / Finance / Legal -- with mandates to be fulfilled by Spring 2022 and report submitted for schools' boards approval.


April 2022 - Final Report is completed and submitted to four schools' boards for approval.

May 2022 - Each of the four schools hold membership meetings at which the QRTF Final Report is presented and voted upon for approval by membership. Final vote by all schools' memberships was overwhelmingly positive with a 94% approval overall voting outcome!

June 2022 - Having its mandate completed, the QRTF 2.0 is dissolved. The new Unity Board is created -- with two representatives from each school as well as other key members included on the Unity Board -- to begin the process of implementation of all recommendations in the Final Report. Priorities include the hiring of an Executive Director, the creation of governance documents, and working with a legal team towards the creation of this new amalgamated entity.

July 2022 - The new unified K-12 single-tuition model is implemented across all four schools to take effect for the upcoming school year, beginning September, 2022.

... and the journey continues!